Assam dentist rediscovers love for music amid lockdown; read his story here

Assam dentist rediscovers love for music amid lockdown; read his story here

Shubhodeep Paul, Shubhodeep Paul,

Dr. Shubhodeep Paul, a noted dentist hailing from Upper Assam's Dibrugarh district, is now earning some much-deserved recognition in the world of music. The 46-year-old, who recently released his first song ('Dhemalite') via Dhwani Records, talked about his musical journey to Inside Northeast. Here are some excerpts:

How do you juggle your passion and your profession?

A profession is something which we need to do -- we do that for earning money as well as for serving society. However, many of us tend to forget our passions. During my student years, I was very committed to music. During the lockdown, when I had ample time on my hands, I re-discovered my love and passion for music. Therefore, I have decided to return to my musical roots without compromising on my profession.

Where do you find your passion to do music in spite of your busy schedule? How did your musical journey begin?

When I was around 10 years old, my father gifted me a small keyboard. The little musician in me soon learnt how to play the instrument, and I used to play it in small functions near my home whenever I could. During my Higher Secondary, I urged my father to buy me a keyboard, which he did. However, I left it behind after I got enrolled in dentistry, as I thought that it could hamper my studies. In my third year, I began receiving organ training under a certain Bernard Momin -- it was once a week.

I finally began practicing dentistry in 1996 -- in Dibrugarh. In a TV show called 'Sur Sargam', I even used to play keyboards. I was also involved in many shows in Dibrugarh around that period of time. However, I was unable to pursue the music further as I rose up the ranks in the world of dentistry as it took up much of my time.

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Tell us about your latest song -- 'Dhemalite'. How did it finally see the light of day?

Actually, I had composed it in 1995, during my internship period. I incidentally happened to chance upon the lyrics in an old notebook during the lockdown period while perusing some old stuff. Sadly, I was unable to find the page which contained the lyrics of the last stanza. Interestingly, the last stanza of the song was written when I was heading to Bombay via an Indigo flight on the 25th of December. That done and dusted, I immediately began efforts to record the song, and a deal was soon inked with Dhwani Records. Interestingly, the song has found acceptance even though it was penned in 1995; the only thing that we have changed is the arrangement of the guitars. It shows that it was made to be lasting.

Any plans for the future? When can we expect more music from Dr. Shubhodeep Paul?

In regards to music, I am thinking of taking some time. I am hoping to make music that tends to stay with people. I will release music infrequently -- and only quality stuff. It will be that rare gem. Just as I have found respect in dentistry, I want people to respect me in the field of music as well. My music is not for business purposes.

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