Assam: Drug peddler held with heroin in Dhubri

Assam: Drug peddler held with heroin in Dhubri

Ruhul Amin Prodhani, a drug peddler, has been arrested in Dhubri, Assam, in a significant breakthrough to dismantle the illegal drug trade. Large quantities of heroin have been seized from his possession.


A proactive squad from the College town outpost unit under Dhubri Police has successfully recovered a huge quantity of suspected heroin from one drug peddler at Jhagrarpar area, Dhubri as part of a major crackdown on illegal drug trafficking.

The police unit, led by Sub-Inspector Kapil Chandra Das conducted a raid at Ruhul Amin Prodhani's shop in Jhagrarpar area at night after receiving a tip and recovered significant amounts of drugs from his possession. 

The seized items included a cache of 28.92 grams of heroin in two soap boxes along with 50 small containers including 56.10 grams of suspected heroin.

The accused Ruhul Amin Prodhani, son of Abdur Rezzak Prodhani is a resident of village Jhagrarpar Pt-l, Bachjani area which neighbours municipal area in Dhubri district.

According to sources, the illegal heroin was allegedly intended to be traded in the Dhubri town area raising concern and awareness about trafficking of illegal substances among authorities. 

This apprehension signifies a critical turning point in the endeavours to demolish the illicit drug trade that has afflicted communities and jeopardised lives. 

A case into the matter has been filed, and investigation is underway.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Apr 26, 2024