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Festivals with its gaiety, splendour and optimistic vibes rejuvenate unifying life, breaking through communal rifts and animosity. Marking the end of Ramadan, a month long devotion and fast, people from every quarter joins in to celebrate eid-ul-fitr spreading the message of love and harmony. The toothsome delicacies blended with love served definitely cannot be ignored.

We have the voices of different corners of Assam with greetings for Eid-ul-fitr.

Atul Bora, Agriculture Minister and president, AGP: Assam is a land somewhat different than the other parts as people belonging to different caste, community or religion tread on together. Eid is a festival of togetherness, the tradition still prevails. Talking about specific Eid memory, I remember eating ‘Sewai’ in Eid, and going around celebrating the festival in my friends and acquaintances’ place. I was reluctant to taste ‘Rooh-af-zaah’ as I mistook it to be something else. However later I realized that it’s a Sharbaat, and was amused by its taste

Biswajit Diamary. MP Rajya Sabha: Eid is a festival which unites us,ushering peace. The mutual respect that one shares in Eid should not only be limited to the day but prevail every day. I remember my childhood days when I had the conception that Eid is a day when one eats mothering dishes as I was served with a variety of food by my aquiantances.

Ranjit Das, BJP state President: In this holy Eid, I extend my heartiest greetings and urge everyone to spread the message of love and brotherhood so that we can move ahead towards a greater Assam, irrespective of any affiliation. The people from the Muslim community arrange feast on the day calling people from all quarters which strengths the feeling of togetherness. Like every year, I have many invitations of feast this year too.

Anuja Bhuyan ACS officer: Eid memories of childhood years had been always splendid with the sight of yummy delicacies prepared by my neighborhood Aunt.Now, having my best friend Fardinaa is an added bonanza as I get to taste all her Eid recipes almost every year. On this special occasion, I wish for everyone peace and prosperity. ,

Indrani Raimedhi, journalist,coloumnist and writer: It is a day of thanksgiving, people have made a lot of sacrifices throughout the month. It is an expression of divine belief in God. I wish everyone a very happy Eid and spread love and brotherhood irrespective of their faith. Pondering back I recall a family which was stranger to us but treated us with a wonderful feast on the day of Eid, what was remarkable was the kindness and grace which they showed, apart from the delicious food.

Manoj Goswami, editor-in-chief DY 365: We get a lot of invitation in Eid, and celebrated it together with all the communities. The tradition still prevails which carries with it a message of brotherhood. This brightens the secular nature of the country.

Ranjit Das, BJP state President: In this holy Eid, I extend my heartiest greetings and urge everyone to spread the message of love and brotherhood so that we can move ahead towards a

Zublee Baruah singer and composer: I wish and pray that peace prevails this Eid. I released a zikir today from my Album Mati which is about peace harmony and humanity. I hope this would purify the hearts and minds of the people. We also wish that we get justice for Neelotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath through fast track court and the culprits should be hanged till death and we also wish that the accused of Jhankar Saikia lynching gets necessary punishment. This will be the biggest gift this Eid. Talking about my childhood days, as a Kid I had the experience of fasting in the month of Ramadan as my best friend happens to be from the muslim community and I consider myself fortunate for the same. Apart from the mouth watering dishes served in Eid, it’s the iftaar that fascinated me more.

Let this Eid swipe away all the filth ushering hope and peace. Let light prevail, emanating justice for Abhijeet Nath and Neelotpal Das

Let the presence of the Almighty dwell amidst the mayhem.

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Published On: Jun 16, 2018