Assam: FIR against BSF over 'false & fabricated case'

Assam: FIR against BSF over 'false & fabricated case'

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DHUBRI: An FIR has been lodged against BSF personnel of 19Bn before the Deputy Commissioner of Assam's Dhubri while a magistrate enquiry was initiated to probe allegations of a "false and fabricated case."

The FIR, lodged by a certain Samina Khatun, stated that a troop of 19Bn BSF illegally detained her minor son and framed a false and fabricated case on May 21 last.

She alleged in her FIR that an unknown person called her and asked to rent an e-Rickshaw operated her husband Abul Sheikh as Abul Sheikh was not present at that moment to receive the call, her minor son namely age about 13 years received the phone call. The caller asked the minor to immediately appear at Kalahat (Halghora) area, with the e-rickshaw.

When he went to the spot, an unknown person asked him to transfer some sacks of paddy grains to Ghewmari area and stated that some other person will receive the consignments near Ghewmari bridge and will pay him Rs 400 for the job, it was further stated in the FIR.

The FIR further stated that while going to Ghewmari bridge, the boy was stopped by BSF personnel from 19Bn ‘A’ Coy of Ghewmari BOP stopped the e-rickshaw who made him sit in a different vehicle belonging to the BSF. The accused allegedly locked up the minor child in the camp until 2 am on Saturday.

It was also alleged that the minor was abused and harassed mentally by the BSF personnel during his stay at the Camp. Then they took him to the Police Station and dropped him there.

The minor's family alleges that the BSF personnel of 19Bn in their search found fake Indian currency notes with a face value of Rs. 2.1 lakh and the same has been publicized by the BSF in various social media forum.

An FIR was registered as Dhubri PS Case No: 281/22, under section 342, 341 IPC R/W Sec 75 Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.