Assam flash flood discommoding daily lives of Rangia families

Assam flash flood discommoding daily lives of Rangia families

rangia flash flodd rangia flash flodd

RANGIA: When the COVID-19 pandemic is already wreaking havoc upon, lack of well-managed town planning has been making it way more difficult for few families residing in the Murara area of Rangia town.

Reportedly due to 20 days of continuous rain in the area, 4 to 5 families have been immensely affected as flash floods occurred in their housing complexes.

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"It's been started occurring more since last year. The water of the whole Murara area drains through this way. But since new establishments have been built en route, the water finds no way to drain out and are getting deposited here," informed a resident.

It was also informed that the local MLA and former Irrigation Minister Bhabesh Kalita has told them to manage on their own for the time being the government arrange something.

Now the families are helpless as water rushes inside their residents and entered the bedroom, kitchen and everywhere.

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Published On: May 21, 2021