Assam Girls Forced to Dance Naked by Rowdy Spectators

Assam Girls Forced to Dance Naked by Rowdy Spectators

Assam Assam

Chaygaon, June 8, 2019:

A shameful incident has occurred in Assam! As per reports, a dance troupe was harassed in Chaygaon's Aasolpara and female performers belonging to indigenous communities were forced to danced naked by rowdy spectators on Friday.

A special show had been organized in Asolpara of Assam on the occasion of Eid. As soon as the female dancers started their performance, they were pressurized to cast off their clothes and dance naked. The group of dancers called MK Dance Group had come all the way from Boko to perform at the event.

Some spectators got rowdy and demanded the female dancers to dance naked. They were even threatened with murder in case they did not follow the disgusting instructions.

A lot many of the 800-900 spectators joined the demand for a naked dance performance, much to the embarrassment of the ladies. Things got so bad that the performers were forced to free the performance theater on foot.

One of the performers has said that the women were physically harassed and were forced to perform a sexual "number" by the locals. "There were 42 of us there...and we somehow escaped through the fencing", he says.

Like in Hindi films, the Jursimuli authorities reached the location very late and could not control the situation.

The group reached the Boko Police Station at around 9 PM and complained that they had not been paid a single penny for the humiliating performance and have lodged an FIR at the police station.

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Published On: Jun 09, 2019