Assam government to stop appointing employees for fourth grade posts

Assam government to stop appointing employees for fourth grade posts

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Guwahati, February 22, 2018:

The Assam Government is planning to stop appointing people in the fourth-grade posts ASSAM GOVERNMENT TO STOP APPOINTING EMPLOYEES FOR FOURTH GRADE POSTS in the Government offices due to the financial losses being faced by the Sarbananda Sonowal led Government.

Introduction of the GST in Assam along with the other states in the country has increased the overall taxes.

It may be noted here that the inability of the finance department to spend in various schemes due to the lack of funds in the 2017-18 Fiscal year resurfaces. The grand organization of Advantage Assam was a measure to veil the inadequacies of the Sarbananda Sonawal Government.

In order to cope up with all the expenses, Sonowal led Government has come to a decision of reducing the number of employees.

In an official letter sent to the various departments of the State Government on 20th of February, it has come into notice that on one hand, the Government has made promises to increase employment in the state but on the other hand, in order to meet all ends financially they are planning of not appointing people for fourth grade posts.

The letter also includes that in order to cut expenses, employees will not be appointed in the regular fourth-grade posts, rather the work will be done with contractual labors.

The Government departments are therefore asked to make a list of the amount the Government spends on a regular fourth-grade employee and a list of the amount required for contractual workers. Based on these lists, the Finance department will put forth the final decision with the permission of the Cabinet.

It may be noted here that, in the entire State Government there are more than 50 thousand fourth grade employees on whom Government spends around Rs 1200 crore to 1500 crore and as such, use of contractual workers will save a huge amount of expense for the Government.


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Published On: Feb 22, 2018