Assam govt wants paper mill land back to rescue its employees, says Pijush Hazarika on eviction notice

Assam govt wants paper mill land back to rescue its employees, says Pijush Hazarika on eviction notice

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GUWAHATI: Pijush Hazarika, Minister of Information & Public Relation, has asserted today that the government is keen to rescue and establish the employees of two closed paper mills of the Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPCL) in Nagaon and Cachar.

"Several unions associated with the two paper mills have held four meetings with Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in the last 100 days. Employees' Union comprising of Officers' Union have demanded Rs. 530 crore from the liquidator along with a few other additional charges which will round up to Rs. 600 crore approximately. The Assam Government is ready to pay that amount within a week. Our only demand is to return the land to the Assam Government," said state Minister Pijush Hazarika.

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"Above that present employees of these two paper mills were promised with 100 government jobs by the Assam Government, if only they are competent and fit eligibility criteria, which was accepted by them decisively," Hazarika added.

Hazarika's clarification came after an eviction notice was served by the liquidator to the Cachar and Nagaon Paper Mill employees to vacate their accommodation/quarters within 15 days or face legal action otherwise.

"I am Jagirod's MLA and hence I will always have empathy for its people. The Assam Government is serious very about rescuing its people. Hence we will pay the amount demanded but we will be needing the paper mill lands back and for that, the employees have to vacate the space," The Minister expressed.

However, Hazarika also clarified that the government has no such plan to utilize the lands at this moment but will definitely come up with something very soon.

"Now we are more concerned with how to rescue these people related with the paper mills," said Hazarika.

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Published On: Sep 04, 2021