Assam: Guwahati doctor's suicide linked to betrayal by lover, confirms report

Assam: Guwahati doctor's suicide linked to betrayal by lover, confirms report

In a shocking revelation, 25-year-old doctor Sujitha Kashyap's suicide is allegedly linked to the betrayal by her lover. The suicide note reportedly mentions the cheating she endured, leading to her tragic demise.

Love Betrayal Leads to Doctor's Suicide Love Betrayal Leads to Doctor's Suicide

In a recent update on the tragic death of 25-year-old doctor Sujitha Kashyap, new details have emerged shedding light on the circumstances leading to her suspected suicide. Reports indicate that Kashyap took the extreme step due to the betrayal of her lover, with each sentence in her suicide note mentioning the cheating she endured.


Kashyap, who was employed at Rahman Hospital in Guwahati, was engaged in a romantic relationship with a young man from Andhra Pradesh, later identified as Ashwath Naidu. However, their relationship was marred by deception, as Naidu maintained a simultaneous relationship with another woman, unbeknownst to Kashyap.


The discovery of nine reports of Kashyap's suicide note underscores the extent of the emotional turmoil she faced as a result of her partner's infidelity. Allegedly, frequent disputes between the couple centered around Naidu's betrayal, culminating in a heated argument just prior to Kashyap's tragic demise in a rented room.


Following Kashyap's death, her family promptly lodged an FIR at Garhchuk police station, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the incident. The recovery of the suicide note has provided crucial evidence, with police delving deeper into the circumstances surrounding Kashyap's death.


Earlier, a lifeless body of a young woman was discovered at House No. 10 in Lokhra Pithaguri, Guwahati on May 11. The deceased has been identified as Sujitha Kashyap, a 25-year-old woman known to be working at a local hospital. The circumstances surrounding her untimely demise have sent shockwaves through the community.


Upon the discovery of Kashyap's body, authorities including local police and a magistrate swiftly responded to the scene. Present at the location, they initiated necessary procedures, with plans underway to transport the body to Guwahati Medical College Hospital for further examination and autopsy.


Preliminary investigations suggest a suspected suicide, believed to be linked to a love affair.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: May 12, 2024