COVID affairs in Assam: Journalist Samsul Hussian who expired a month ago asked to quarantine today by authority

COVID affairs in Assam: Journalist Samsul Hussian who expired a month ago asked to quarantine today by authority


GUWAHATI: Family members of the recently-expired Samsul Hussain were left shell-shocked when they were informed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. Not only that, state officials said that their Guwahati residence would have to be quarantined.

Hussain, a literary figure from the state, had expired on November 4 last due to complications related to COVID-19.

According to the deceased’s daughter Afrida, her husband Baharul received a COVID-19 positive “report” in Samsul’s name in the morning informing that his father in law had tested positive. According to the report, the deceased had gone for a test yesterday.

“How can my father, who expired in November 4, have gone for a COVID-19 test yesterday? Due to whose negligence?,” Afrida, who is a known journalist, queried in a Facebook Live.

Afrida Hussain said that her husband also received a call from the Dispur Police station stating that the patient (Samsul) had to be quarantined urgently.

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“However, the person who had called hung up upon being informed that my father had expired. I called back on that number and the person reiterated that my father had tested positive for COVID-19. The person said that father had gotten tested yesterday at the private hospital called Exelcare.”

Afrida said that they again received a call from the DC office reiterating that the late Samsul Hussain had tested positive.

“Somewhat bizarrely, the person who called from the DC's office said that my father’s name is in the list of COVID-19 positive patients that had come out today. That person said that they wanted to come to our house to quarantine.”

Afrida Hussain has questioned whether negligence on the part of the state health department has caused this sort of a mix-up and if it is a “scam.”

“There should be an enquiry on this incident. In fact, I myself am planning to file an FIR. I believe there is a major conspiracy behind this and I believe a thorough investigation must be carried out.”

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Published On: Dec 18, 2021