Assam lacks ministers like Conrad Sangma, Zoranthanga: Parmananda Rajbongshi

Assam lacks ministers like Conrad Sangma, Zoranthanga: Parmananda Rajbongshi

Parmananda Rajbongshi Parmananda Rajbongshi

Guwahati, January 19, 2019:

Assam Sahitya Sabha President Parmanda Rajbongshi sat down with literary organization members from many indigenous organizations to express his opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016.

Speaking on the agenda of BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav, he said: “Ram Madhav brought all the Ministers and laid down his agenda, but now that the Assam Ministers are silent, you can tell that our lawmakers are no Conrad Sangma or Mizoram CM (Zoramthanga) to work for the benefit of indigenous people, they will work only for the interests of the leadership in Delhi. We have noticed the direction they are taking and are waiting to see what their subsequent steps will be.”

“We want to alert the government that Assam Sahitya Sabha as well as indigenous Sahitya Sabhas, we have implored Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to sit with us, but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears”, stated the President of the Sahitya Sabha.

Expressing the need to exercise the democratic right to protest, Rajbongshi warned that if the Chief Minister as well as the BJP-led government does not listen to them, they are prepared to continue protests at grassroots level.

The President also stated the need to raise awareness among the youth as they are the future of the state.

“Actually, disagreements can only be resolved through dialogue. How the new communities will be granted ST stats must be disclosed and only then all communities will accept the granting of ST status”, stated Rajbongshi in regards to the ST status issue which has sparked controversy in the state, speaking to InsideNE.

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Published On: Jan 20, 2019