Assam music band advocates musicians to 'jam along with AI' rather than be in denial

Assam music band advocates musicians to 'jam along with AI' rather than be in denial

In an interview, Assam's popular band Dr Dope shared their mixed feelings about AI's impact on the music industry, acknowledging its potential threat to synthetic music creators while emphasising the irreplaceable emotional depth of human musicians.

Assam music band Dr Dope spoke at an exclusive interview with India Today NE. (Photo: India Today NE) Assam music band Dr Dope spoke at an exclusive interview with India Today NE. (Photo: India Today NE)

A popular band from Assam, Dr Dope - Dr Declan Oppenheimer's Polyphonic Experience - expressed mixed feelings about the rise and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with India Today NE, The band's members, including lead guitarist Parashar Kashyap and lead vocalist David Baker, addressed the potential threats and opportunities AI poses for the music industry.

"We as musicians should jam along with it and learn to live with it and not be in denial," Kashyap said.


David Baker, the lead vocalist, and other band members acknowledged that AI could threaten musicians, especially those involved in creating synthetic music. They highlighted that AI's ability to generate music by analysing vast amounts of data might overshadow human creativity.

"It's a threat for those chaps who are also creating this synthetic music. If those guys can create it, it's obvious every random man can tell the AI, 'Make me a song that sounds like this,' and the AI will just make it," Baker said.

The band, though, pointed out that AI-generated music might lack the human touch, the emotions, and the creativity that define genuine artistry.

While AI can produce technically proficient music, the emotional depth and personal experiences musicians convey remain irreplaceable.

Adapting to AI: A New Era for Musicians

Explaining how introducing AI "might be a threat", Kashyap referred to an interview in which American YouTuber Rick Beato played some "really amazing tracks" that were AI-generated. In that interview, Beato explained ways that could be adopted by live music performers that AI could possibly do in future, potentially bringing musicians' skills on par with AI. 

Kashyap spoke about Machine Learning (ML), which is improving over time, hinting at the possibility of AI creating better music than human beings. 

"AI threat is possible in the coming time," he said.

Kashyap also talked about an "offline" activity where the band asks the audience for lyrics, and Baker composes a song on the spot. Citing this, he suggested that AI could perform similar tasks in the future.

The Future of Music: Blending Tradition with Innovation

As AI continues to permeate various sectors, including music, musicians are encouraged to adapt and innovate. The future of music lies in a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and cutting-edge technology. 

"The earlier you do, the better it is," Kashyap suggested.

By leveraging AI's capabilities, musicians can explore new creative avenues while preserving the essence of human expression.

Dr Dope's message to budding musicians was clear: Embrace change, practice diligently and explore diverse musical genres. By doing so, they can navigate the evolving landscape of the music industry. 

Edited By: Ashmita
Published On: Jun 22, 2024