Assam: No more position in high school examinations, announces Assam Education Minister

Assam: No more position in high school examinations, announces Assam Education Minister

Dr. Ranoj Pegu, the Education Minister of Assam, has announced the removal of ranking in high school examinations. This reform, aimed at fostering a cooperative learning environment, marks a significant shift in Assam's education system.


Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu has announced transformative reforms, signaling a departure from traditional assessment practices. The minister declared, "From now on, there will be no position in high school educational examinations. IIT also won't give admission if they get a place in matriculation. Location doesn't matter. The place is socially recognized in Assam." This announcement came as Dr. Pegu addressed the media, highlighting the intention to eliminate the system of class positions in high school exams.

According to him, this change aims to foster a more inclusive and cooperative learning environment. The removal of class positions encourages students to focus on overall development rather than competing for rank order.

Dr. Pegu emphasized the social recognition aspect within Assam, saying, "No educational institution in India or the world recognizes the place." He stated that the reforms are specific to the state and may not align with the recognition system of educational institutions outside the region. The minister expressed the view that these changes are in the best interest of students, moving away from practices that do not significantly contribute to their academic or future prospects.

The elimination of the 'stand' system in this year's Matric and High School examinations reflects a commitment to reevaluate the assessment methods and reduce unnecessary stress for students. Dr. Pegu reiterated, "This system does not help the students additionally for any higher grades or opportunities but also remains a discussion for the families."

This announcement marks a significant shift in Assam's education system, focusing on creating a more holistic and inclusive learning environment, prioritizing overall development over competition, and recognizing the diverse potential of students beyond traditional academic benchmarks.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Feb 08, 2024