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"We should Stay United, We should realize to make a better Assam, there should be no political motivation": Zubeen Garg

The heinous incident of lynching of two innocent souls by mob in Dokmoka has garnered a widespread condemnation.

A silent Protest was observed demanding justice for the souls of Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath in the Judges'field in Guwahati

Many artists were present in the silent vigil. Renowned Singer Zubeen Garg stated that we need to stay United as an Assamese to make a better Assam devoid of any political guiding. He stated sarcastically about the police personnel who was doing the video of the lynching that he was the cinematographer and needs to be awarded. Speaking about the Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong he stated" The DC there is a fool. The DC stated that we need to inform the administration. I never inform anyone before going anywhere". Stating superstition and illiteracy as one of the main reasons, he urged the people to stay United to erase such dishevellence and to educate the people

Actress Jerifa Wahid stated Awesome Assam and the incident at Dokmoka shouldn't be interlinked. However she said that such an incident has sent a wrong signal to the people outside of us and thus should not be forgiven. She urged the government and judiciary to undertake strong step regarding this. She also stated "due to the political manipulation a portion of selfish people are benefiting out of it, whereas we common people are the victims". When asked about the police Intel failure she expressed her grievances saying that the Police is answerable to us, and that we owe an answer about it.

Bobbeeta Sharma stated that it is the sheer negligence of the government. She states that the Awesome Assam is something contrary to the ground reality and that if our boys are not safe in our own land how can one think of protecting an outsider.

Renowned actor Kapil Bora stated that justice is something which should prevail which would forbid any such act from happening again and that it is the only thing that would provide solace at this juncture.

Thus the civil society together with the people from the cultural domain stood firm against the dreadful incident human civilization has ever witnessed and pledged for justice of the departed souls.


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Published On: Jun 11, 2018