Assam: One arrested in IPL gambling in Lumding, several others apprehended in gambling case in Jalukbari

Assam: One arrested in IPL gambling in Lumding, several others apprehended in gambling case in Jalukbari

In a bid to curb illegal gambling, multiple arrests were made in separate raids conducted in Jalukbari and Lumding. The arrests, including both physical and online gamblers, highlight the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling this issue.

Police Raids Target Illegal Gambling Police Raids Target Illegal Gambling

In a concerted effort to combat illegal gambling activities, law enforcement agencies conducted separate raids in Jalukbari and Lumding, resulting in multiple arrests and the seizure of incriminating evidence.


Jalukbari police launched a late-night raid against notorious gamblers in the area, culminating in the apprehension of three individuals allegedly involved in illegal gambling activities. The arrested individuals, identified as Ishan Sanyasi, Munu, and Bhuto, were reportedly engaged in high-stakes gambling, involving show money cards valued at Rs 1 lakh.


Simultaneously, in Lumding, police cracked down on online gambling operations, particularly focusing on IPL gambling. During the operation, a gambler identified as Prince was apprehended, and two mobile phones used in connection with the illicit activity were confiscated. Subsequently, a case (No. 51/24) was registered against Prince, and he was presented before the court today for further legal proceedings.


The raids underscore the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to curb illegal gambling activities prevalent in various parts of the state. The arrest of several individuals involved in gambling, both in physical and online forms, serves as a warning to those engaged in such activities.


The emergence of online gambling, particularly linked to popular events like the IPL, poses new challenges for authorities. It remains to be seen what measures will be taken by the police to address this issue effectively in the future.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: May 04, 2024