Assam Police recovers Rs 90,000 defrauded in cyber scam in Guwahati

Assam Police recovers Rs 90,000 defrauded in cyber scam in Guwahati

The Cyber Police Station in Guwahati, Assam, has successfully recovered Rs 40,380 from a Rs 90,000 scam that targeted a resident, Tabibur Rahman. The authorities continue to investigate to apprehend the fraudsters and recover the remaining amount.

Story highlights
  • Guwahati Cyber Police recover Rs 40,380 from scam victim's account
  • Victim lost Rs 90,000 after threats of son's arrest in fake case
  • Authorities stress public vigilance and ongoing investigation

A team from the Cyber Police Station (PS), Guwahati, Assam has successfully recovered a substantial portion of the amount defrauded from a resident. The swift action followed a complaint by Tabibur Rahman, who fell victim to a cyber scam that cost him Rs 90,000.

Rahman reported that he had been duped after receiving threats of his son’s arrest in a fabricated criminal case. The fraudsters used these threats to coerce Rahman into transferring the money.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Cyber PS team immediately sprang into action. Their efforts led to the recovery of Rs 40,380, which has already been credited back into Rahman's account. This recovery marks a critical step in the ongoing investigation aimed at apprehending the perpetrators and recovering the remaining amount.

The case highlights the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals and the importance of public awareness regarding such scams. The authorities urge citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the Cyber PS promptly.

Further investigations are underway to bring the culprits to justice and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Jun 19, 2024