Assam Police seizes cache of cannabis in Golaghat, 3 held

Assam Police seizes cache of cannabis in Golaghat, 3 held

Golaghat police seized over 7 kilograms of cannabis. Multiple suspects have been apprehended and are facing legal proceedings.


Golaghat police set up a checkpoint on NH 39 based on a tip-off, leading to a substantial seizure of narcotics from Bokakhat, Assam. During the operation, a motorcycle was intercepted, and upon searching, officers discovered 5.048 kilograms of cannabis concealed in a plastic bag. The individual in possession, identified as Manik Ahmed from Bokakhat, was taken into custody. Legal proceedings have been initiated under the law.

Following up on the previous operation, authorities conducted further investigations targeting suspects associated with the initial seizure. Searches were carried out at the residences of Bijit Nath, also known as Bonguti and his associate Tridib Gogoi. During the searches, police recovered an additional 2.032 kilograms of ganja. Alongside the narcotics, three mobile phones and three vehicles believed to be linked to illegal activities were also seized.

The seized items and suspects are now subject to legal proceedings.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Jun 29, 2024