Assam Police seizes illegal sand-filled dumper in Baksa

Assam Police seizes illegal sand-filled dumper in Baksa

In a major operation, Assam's Barama police seized a sand-filled dumper, uncovering rampant illegal sand mining activities. The incident underscores the need for stricter enforcement and transparency in monitoring such activities.

Assam Police Seize Illegal Sand Dumper in Baksa Assam Police Seize Illegal Sand Dumper in Baksa

In a significant crackdown on illegal sand mining, Barama police have seized a sand-filled dumper, bearing the registration number AS-15-AC-2449. This incident has brought to light the rampant and fearless sand extraction and transportation occurring without necessary documentation.


The dumper, belonging to Amin Hoque, was intercepted while crossing two districts on the national highway. Despite stringent security measures and regular inspections by both police and forest departments, these sand-laden vehicles have been operating undetected, highlighting a possible lapse in enforcement or systemic corruption within these regulatory bodies.


The sand in question was reportedly sourced from the Beki River, with vehicles transporting it without any official challan or permit. This illegal activity has been thriving, undeterred by the presence of law enforcement agencies.


Local authorities are now under pressure to address the burgeoning issue of illegal sand mining and transportation. The seizure of the vehicle by Barama police marks a crucial step in this direction, but the larger problem remains unresolved. There are calls for a more robust and transparent monitoring system to prevent such activities and to hold those responsible accountable.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: May 25, 2024