Assam: Tension soars in Jorhat over alleged aggression by Nagas on Assamese soil

Assam: Tension soars in Jorhat over alleged aggression by Nagas on Assamese soil

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Mariani: Amid ongoing tension along Assam's border with Mizoram, tensions have once again come to the fore in Upper Assam's Jorhat district over land dispute with Nagas in the border region. The local administration has been reportedly carrying out eviction drives in the area which caused the Nagas to retaliate. This, in turn, has made the lives of the locals in Mariani very very difficult.

These latest allegations have been made against the backdrop of the tensions along the Assam-Mizoram border and several incidents of violence and blockades.

Locals have said that the authorities of Mariani in Jorhat have demolished camps erected by Nagas along the contested territory which drew severe backlash from the Nagas who had settled in the region.

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When the Government officials turned up at the camp to ask the Nagas to vacate, the Nagas reportedly let loose a volley of bullets in the air. Gunfire also rang out in the dead of the night causing locals in the area to lose sleep.

Meanwhile, Mariani's locals living in the contested areas have appealed to the Assam Government to restore peace in the contested localities. Tension is rising once again, with threats of retaliation being made by the scared locals.

"Tensions have been prevailing in these areas for a long time. Yesterday, a camp of the Nagas was dismantled by the Mariani authorities yesterday. After the Naga camp was dismantled, there was a heated exchange of words and the Nagas let loose around 5-6 bullets. We would like to appeal to the Government of Assam to resolve this issue along the border."

Another local has claimed that the evicted Nagas have turned their wrath towards locals and added that such acts could be met with violence. Local regional organizations are up in arms against the incident and tensions are beginning to soar in Jorhat over what is being perceived as "Naga aggression" on Assamese soil.

Meanwhile, locals have complained that the presence of hostile Nagas has caused immense fear to the local residents and they are ready to take up arms to ward off the suspected intruders.

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