Assam: We will punch Islam with our fist, says former BJP leader Satya Ranjan Bora

Assam: We will punch Islam with our fist, says former BJP leader Satya Ranjan Bora

Satya Ranjan Bora Satya Ranjan Bora

Satya Ranjan Bora former General Secretary with the BJP Kishan Morcha made controversial remarks on the "Islamist forces" he alleged to be working against the Hindu Society.

He also called for a united working of all Hindu associations. "Personal issues should be inside the room. In the gathering, with us, we have the Bajrang Dal, Yuva Morcha, BJP, Ram Sena all with varied interest. It doesn't matter as whoever does what and can have to. We have to stay united and divide our work as Hindu and we have to punch Islam with our whole fist and not with our fingers", said Satya Ranjan Bora.

The former BJP Krishan Morcha leader then evoked the issue of cow in the narrative. "You will take our girls and cows. For Assamese, the cow is really important this is not Nagpuria philosophy as claimed by regionalists leaders".

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He further digressed into what seemed a debate for Hindu assertion of conversatism. "Every one of them has insulted Srimanto Sankardev. Sankardev did drama even before Shakespeare but we give more importance to Shakespeare. Few Assamese will claim that's a primitive drama but we hid Sankardev to let people like Ismail Hussian write on him. Hussain is an Arab state representative belonging to Islamic sleeper cell and they call Sankardev communist. But communism came in the 18th century. Why are we supporting these intellectuals?

Bora ended by forwarding his goal ahead, "I can't help you from Muslims and I am not here to ignite Hindus. I can only do one thing that is to give the rest of my lives for Hindu. I don't care about the family nor I care for others as my priority is my Hindu community and I will only be safe when my community and traditions are safe. So what if my family is safe, our girls will be taken by Miya and raped and our lands will be taken by Miya raped by Miya then who is safe? If a person has to safe along with his family then first his samaj and tradition and for that community has to be safe".

He finally asked all the Hindus not to eat Halal meat. This speech kinda sums up the start of Hindu politics which has been dormant over the years.

To counter the statements made by Bora, a Muslim youth on Facebook countered his statements. He claimed that Satya Ranjan Bora has mental issues and is trying to create divide and rule among the Hindu-Muslim. "When someone is under problem, he doesn't say anything, where was he when 2 boys were killed in Karbi Anglong. People shouldn't scold him as he is mad and I hope he gets well and start talking properly".

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Published On: Aug 17, 2020