Baksa celebrates I-Day with a 3.5 km long Tri-colour

Baksa celebrates I-Day with a 3.5 km long Tri-colour

Baksa Baksa

Baksa (Assam), Aug 15, 2018

In Assam’s Baksa district on Wednesday, the locals of Uparkhati bordering Bhutan celebrated the 72nd Independence Day with a 3.5 km long national flag.

Over 10,000 people took out a 12-km long march holding the gigantic Tricolour which was the brainchild of Sunrise Youth Club. The march started from Uparkhati and went up to Swagpur before culminating at Uparkhati.

“We received an unbelievable response. Over, 10,000 people took part in the march. We are very happy,” the club’s president Bapan Das told InsideNE.

The flag was stitched by a number of tailors and Rs.4 lakh went into its making. Local politicians, individuals and club members offered donations for the same.

“Basically, we wanted people to know that we are not hit by militancy or any such activities anymore and that our state is very peaceful,” the club’s secretary Pavan Oli said. The club has around 34 members who have been actively involved in social activities for the past 11 years.

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Published On: Aug 15, 2018