'BJP committed to implementing Citizenship Bill': PM Narendra Modi

'BJP committed to implementing Citizenship Bill': PM Narendra Modi

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Silchar, April 11, 2019:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued the BJP’s election campaign in Assam even as 5 Constituencies in Assam and 14 in the NorthEast have headed to the polls to decide future leaders of the nation.

The Prime Minister landed at Silchar in on Thursday afternoon to blow the BJP’s poll bugle as the attention of the entire nation has shifted to the General elections. Addressing a crowd of supporters, the Prime Minister addressed several key issues and took jibes at the opposition Congress.

“We are committed to implementing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill”, he announced, “but, only after holding discussions with all segments of society as we are also steadfast in our commitment to protecting the interests of the indigenous people”, he added.

Moreover, the Prime Minister encouraged the people to vote for the BJP and not for Congress and the voting process is still going on in five Constituencies across the state.

It is to be mentioned that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill continues to remain a topic of intense debate in Assam and beyond as the indigenous people fear that providing citizenship to non-Muslim minorities will open the floodgates to mass migration into the NorthEast from neighboring countries like Bangladesh.

In the first phase of voting that is being held today, 91 Constituencies in 18 states and 2 Union Territories have headed to the polls to decide the fate of the 1,279 candidates who will contest the polls. 14.21 crore people are expected to cast their votes during the Phase-I.