BJP government is scared of Democratic movements in the state: Manjit Mahanta

BJP government is scared of Democratic movements in the state: Manjit Mahanta

Manjit Mahanta Manjit Mahanta

Guwahati, February 9, 2019:

Senior journalist Manjit Mahanta on Saturday alleged that the BJP- led government is scared of the democratic uprisings in the state. The senior journalist also claimed the meeting arranged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Changsari is a meaningless one.

Speaking to InsideNE, Manjit Mahanta said, “This is a baseless meeting to organize the ‘Bhumi Pujan’. This is nothing but a gimmick to show that they have many supporters in order to show a picture that the people of Assam are supporting the Citizenship Bill. They have brought 1500 people from outside in trains and buses spending huge amounts of money. They are not concerned regarding who has come to the meeting, be it from Assam or elsewhere; their only concern is assembling a huge gathering. These people are nothing but the RSS, BJP workers, and laborers who have been brought to attend the meeting.”

Claiming the PM’s visit as “nautanki” and that the people gathering for the meet are unaware of what they have come for, the senior journalist said that the people of Assam are not fools and shall never let the amendment of the Citizenship Act (1955) go through.

Slamming the BJP-Government as a third-class government, Mahanta said, “They are scared of the democratic protests in the state. They have locked down the AASU workers in their own office. What does this show? This implies their fear. They are trying to impose autocracy. This action of the government to dominate people using police and security has revealed their fear.