BJP has reduced Assam’s elephant (AGP) into 'bheegi billi', says Priyanka Gandhi

BJP has reduced Assam’s elephant (AGP) into 'bheegi billi', says Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi

BARDOWA: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi today said the BJP has reduced the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) into a mere bheegi billi (wet cat) by allying with the regional party.

“The BJP is a party that always weakens its allies. The elephant of Assam has been reduced to a bheegi billi. Whoever tied up with these people, they’ve always weakened them. They weaken every supporter because their only ideology is to stick to power,” Gandhi said addressing a mammoth rally here this afternoon.

“The AGP cannot even take any internal party decision in Assam today. They need the approval of Delhi for their internal party matters as well,” Priyanka had earlier said in a rally yesterday.

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“The BJP promised you an Assamese chief minister. And, you’ve got two chief ministers in Assam. But, both are weak because, their remote controls are in Delhi,” she added here today.

“They (BJP) tie up with anybody anywhere. They tie up with someone here and with someone opposite in West Bengal. They oppose CAA here, they support CAA in Bengal or Tamil Nadu. They will whatever you want to hear wherever,” she further said.

She also took a dig at the Assam government distributing scooter among girl students on the election eve.

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“Instead of giving a life of dignity by providing jobs, the government is distributing scooters. Are they giving you alms? Youth of Assam don’t want donation. They want a dignified life. They want earn their own scooters, not donation on the eve of elections,” Gandhi said.

As part of the ongoing Congress-BJP war of words to woo tea community voters, the senior Congress leader accused the BJP of instigating garden owners to move court to delay implementation of revised wages.

“They (BJP) promised Rs 350 wage to tea workers brethren. But, they cheated you by increasing the wage somewhat ahead of the polls only to send few garden owners to move the court. They can now tell you that they can’t help it anymore as the matter has gone sub-judice,” she said.

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“The BJP government is working only for the welfare of their good billionaire friends (kharabpatis). The government is conspiring to privatise even ONGC that will also go to their billionaire friends, conspiring to sell refineries. For whom are they are doing it? Not for you and people, but for their best billionaire friends. There is only politics going on to divide among the people,” she said at another election rally in Sarupathar earlier in the day.

She also accused the BJP government of functioning like "mafia and running syndicates in Assam".

Edited By: Imtiaz Ahmed
Published On: Mar 22, 2021