BJP leader and tribal council CEO distributes contracts worth Rs 200 crore to family members

BJP leader and tribal council CEO distributes contracts worth Rs 200 crore to family members

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council chief Tuliram Ronghang faces allegations of nepotism for allegedly awarding contracts worth Rs 200 crores to firms linked to his family members. No due diligence was conducted in awarding these contracts.

BJP leader and tribal council CEO distributes contracts worth Rs 200 crore to family members BJP leader and tribal council CEO distributes contracts worth Rs 200 crore to family members
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  • BJP Leader Tuliram Ronghang accused of nepotism
  • Allegedly approved contracts worth Rs 200 crores to family-owned companies
  • Funds for same road construction project allocated twice in two fiscal years

Serious allegations of nepotism have surfaced in Assam against BJP leader Tuliram Ronghang who happens to be Chief Executive Member of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council. According to official documents accessed by India Today NE, the council, under the leadership of Tuliram, has sanctioned multiple contracts worth Rs 200 crore to companies owned by his son and his brother. The standard tendering process was not followed in the allocation of any of these contracts.  Official records indicate that in 2021-22, Rs 100 crore were divided between M/s Kache Construction (OPC) Pvt. Ltd, owned by Singdom Ronghang, son of Tuliram, and Inglong Enterprise, owned by Tuliram's brother Robiram Ronghang.

Here is the breakup of the work orders of contracts worth Rs 100 crore assigned to these firms.

Construction of boundary walls at various mini stadiums of Kabi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong (16nos) 

Rs 19,92,25,371 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Constrcuion of road from Assam survey to Taralangso LP school via Rongtheso, Nothengpi 

Rs 14,99,65,032 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Construction of road from Matipung Forest gate to Rongmirdan via AIR of 2km 

Rs 7,88,6000 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Improvement of road with WBM & ICBP works from Hidim Teron village to Dimasa via Birik Timung Gaon of 2km 

Rs 3,02,15,536 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Widening with improvement of ICBP road from Dillaji Mithiphang to Diphu-Manja Road via Beltola of 1.5km 

Rs 1,99,94,966 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Reconstruction of road from Diphu Thana to ITI via Rongmongve by ICVP and side 

Rs 3,35,34,157 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Reconstruction of road from Amollapatty near Essar Point upto Rongnihang via fishery office along with side drainof 2km 

Rs 4,48,88,677 

Kache Construction(OPC)pvt ltd 

Improvement and uogradation of Road Donkamukam Phangtengphang, jubilee,BKK road 

Rs 17,66,91,600 

Inglong Enterprise 

Construction of road from Birola(Taralangso) to Rongkimi under NH-36 includinh RCC BR.No.24/1 

Rs 24,99,00,034 

Inglong Enterprise 

Similar trends of nepotism were observed in the financial year 2018-19 and in 2019-20. Various road improvement projects, sanctioned under special grants as part of the Chief Minister's road improvement package, were awarded to firms owned by Tuliram's relatives. Besides, there were several overlaps in the sanction of funds. For instance, funds for the construction of the same road from Diphu Civil Hospital to Lorulangso via Diphu Thana were allocated for both the fiscal year 2018-19 and 2019-20. While Rs 16.78 crore were sanctioned for this project in 2018-19, another Rs 6.76 crore were allocated in 2019-20 again. 

Tuliram's brother Robiram received both assignments. In another instance, funds from two different sources were allocated for the same project. For the road Joysing Doloi memorial auditorium to Diphu Manja, Rs 1.50 crore were sanctioned under the Chief Minister's Road Improvement Package in 2018-19 while in the next fiscal Rs 1.65 crore were allocated under the Finance Minister's Special Package. Robiram's firm was the beneficiary in this case too.

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For the improvement of the road from first police point to Diphu Manja to Matipung Tinali, two separate work orders were issued within a month, totalling to Rs 23.67 crore. The work was allotted to the firm owned by Mannem Terongpi, daughter of Tuliram's brother-in –law.  

Tuliram Ronghang didn't react when IndiatodayNE questioned him about the allegations of irregularities and nepotism. When Robiram Ronghang was contacted, he said:  "You can talk to my brother for all these details and he is the only one aware of all these details." 

India Today NE had earlier reported how a 17-km road worth Rs 30 crore was built in seven days by Kache Construction, owned by Tuliram's son. Experts argue that quality work cannot happen if it is completed in such a short time span.

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Published On: Sep 29, 2023