Boat capsizes in Brahmaputra due to heavy rainfall, several missing

Boat capsizes in Brahmaputra due to heavy rainfall, several missing

A boat carrying passengers capsized in the Brahmaputra River near Hatsingimari, triggering a massive rescue operation. The incident has sparked concerns over the safety of river travel in the region.

Story highlights
  • Boat ferrying passengers capsizes in Brahmaputra River near Hatsingimari
  • Rescue operations launched to save passengers, including women and children
  • Incident highlights the dangers of the unpredictable currents of the Brahmaputra River Copy

In a tragic incident near Hatsingimari, a boat capsized in the Brahmaputra River, leading to a terrifying accident.

The boat, which was ferrying passengers from Kali Alga Ghat to Nepur Alga Charanchal, encountered rough waters, resulting in the harrowing mishap.

Eyewitnesses report that the journey was eventful until the boat suddenly capsized in the turbulent waters of the Brahmaputra.

Several passengers, including women and children, were on board during the accident, and a frantic rescue operation was launched immediately.

Local fishermen and authorities rushed to the scene, risking their lives to save those in distress. Amid the chaos, it is reported that a child named Jubair has been rescued from the water.

As the rescue efforts continue, there is a growing concern for the safety of other passengers who were on board the ill-fated boat.

The incident has caused a stir in the South Salmara-Mankachar district, highlighting the dangers posed by the unpredictable currents of the Brahmaputra River.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Mar 31, 2024