Bodo orgs continue protesting in demand of Bodoland

Bodo orgs continue protesting in demand of Bodoland

Bodo orgs continue protesting in demand of Bodoland Bodo orgs continue protesting in demand of Bodoland

Guwahati (Assam), September 23, 2018:

The All Bodo Students Union, PJACBM, National Democratic Front of Boroland-Progressive (NDFB-P) and NDFB-R once again have taken the path of ‘democratic agitation’ by organizing a mega people’s Gathering at Udangshrini Alari Premsing Brahma Memorial Playground.

More than 1 lakh activists from Assam attended the protest. The protesters raised slogans demanding a new state of Bodoland stating the people of BTAD were exploited, deprived and marginalized indigenous communities of Assam.

Sushil Das, adviser of All Assam Bengali Federation, said “I am here to inform all the people who attended this rally that Bengali community of Assam fully supports the demand for a new state of Bodoland where all the marginalized, exploited and deprived communities of Assam will live with dignity, justice and peace. Let us all fight for this cause together.”

Madhab Chetry, Vice President, All Assam Gorkha Sanmiloni while addressing the gathering said, “The cause that we are fighting for is a very holy cause and it is within the framework of constitution.”

Pramod Boro, president, All Bodo Students Union, said, “More than 5000 brothers and sisters have sacrificed their lives for this cause. Hundreds have been brutally raped. 25000 movement activists have been illegally imprisoned. For last 40 years, despite facing the cruel forces of the state and ruling cliché, we have been relentlessly fighting for this cause through democratic and peaceful means.”

“I would like to ask Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, how many more lives will we have to sacrifice? How many more peace loving activists will have to face imprisonment? Many new states have been created under the article 2 and 3 of Indian constitution, why cannot Bodoland be created?” he questioned.

He also announced a series of movement such as mass gathering in October, National Highway Blockades, Railway Blockades, Mega Rally in Delhi in November, civil disobedience movement etc.