BREAKING: BJP expels Dima Hasao leader Rahul Naiding for 'anti-party activities'

BREAKING: BJP expels Dima Hasao leader Rahul Naiding for 'anti-party activities'

Rahul Naiding Rahul Naiding

HAFLONG: Rahul Naiding, a MAC of NCHAC, has been suspended from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the Assam Assembly polls for alleged "anti-party activities."

Dima Hasao BJP president Dhonphainon Thaosen, making the announcement at a presser, said that Naidung has reportedly urged people to vote against the party and instead vote for the rival Congress. earlier also Rahul Naiding tried to be the CEM of NCHAC.

Naiding is said to be bristling ever since Debolal Garlosa was chosen to be the CEM and he was overlooked by the party leadership.

"He has been under the radar for many months. Many times he has spoken against the party as he was not chosen as the CEM. However, only one person can be the CEM. Garlosa might be removed from the post or he might continue. However, being in the party one must work for the upliftment of the same. Naiding, however, has not done that and has decided to work against the party," Thaosen told the media.

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In its suspension notification, the Dima Hasao BJP accused Naiding of "actively campaigning" against the party at the Jorai Bathuri village on March 23 around midnight.

"After threadbare discussion amongst the district core committee members and also telephonic conversation with the high command (Hon'ble state president) it has been decided to suspend Shri Rahul Naiding, MAC NCHAC, from his primary membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party," added the release.

According to reports, Naidung had asked villagers to cast their votes for the Congress as it has brighter prospects for the future.

"He reportedly urged the villagers to vote for Congress candidate Nirmal Langthasa as Congress' Daniel Langthasa will soon become the Chief Executive Member (CEM) replacing Debolal Garlosa of the BJP. This did not go down well with the party leadership here," a source told InsideNE.