BTR Chief Pramod Boro appeals Paresh Baruah to return to mainstream

BTR Chief Pramod Boro appeals Paresh Baruah to return to mainstream

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TAMULPUR: Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) Chief Pramod Bodo today exhorted ULFA (I) Commander Paresh Baruah and his fellow insurgents to return to the mainstream for building a better Assam in 2022.

Calling upon Paresh Barua and other United Liberation Front of Assam (I) leaders, Boro said, "ULFA too should come back to the main stream and ahould help bringing peace in Assam. Everyone has to work to make the dream of taking forward the different indigenous communities of Assam."

"Permanent peace has been established in BTR as many as the most equipped organizations in BTR have already come back to the main stream. Organizations that are still in an armed revolution should return to main stream in the interest of establishing permanent peace in Assam," he said.

Addressing scribes at Nagrijuli today, Boro said that now in the age of science and technology, and all countries and regions are unitedly moving towards development.

"We, the people of Assam, the people of BTR must also move forward with everyone else. We have to work together to protect our existence, national identity, language, culture, etc. For that, we must be productive."

Since our country is a democracy, Boro said, everyone has to work together with new strategies for development of the state.

"The problem is never solved if one is pointing fingers at another," Boro quipped.

Stating that Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma is acting in a "positive" manner. Pramod Boro also made iremarks to the media that those in armed movement should come back to main stream in the interest of building Assam in 2022.

Pramod Boro made the remarks at the time of the inauguration function of a girls' hostel of Khatarbari High School at Nagrijuli under Tamulpur subdivision today in the presence of BTR executive member Dharmanarayan Das.

Addressing the students, he called upon everyone to move forward in the field of education and make them good citizens of a country.

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