Cachar Police conducts area domination in Assam-Manipur border after Jiribam violenc

Cachar Police conducts area domination in Assam-Manipur border after Jiribam violenc

In response to escalating tensions and fears of communal violence, security forces conducted a comprehensive area domination operation along the Assam-Manipur border. The operation followed reports of residents fleeing violence in Jiribam, Manipur, and seeking refuge in Assam.

Story highlights
  • Security forces launched an area domination operation along Assam-Manipur border amid rising tensions.
  • Displaced residents from Manipur seek government intervention and security to return home.
  • Key establishments and homes in Jiribam targeted by suspected militants, prompting additional security measures.

A comprehensive area domination operation was carried out in the villages along the Assam-Manipur border in response to the rising tensions and fears of communal violence. The operation was prompted by reports of numerous people seeking refuge with relatives in Assam, fleeing the imminent threat of communal violence in Jiribam, Manipur.

The situation in Jiribam has been increasingly volatile, with local communities on edge due to recent outbreaks of violence. As tensions escalated, many residents decided to leave their homes, seeking safety across the border in Assam. The influx of people into border villages created a pressing need for enhanced security measures to ensure the safety and stability of the area.

The security forces' operation aimed to reassure the local population and prevent any spillover of violence into Assam. As the situation remains tense, the comprehensive area domination operation is seen as a critical measure to prevent further violence and to protect the lives and properties of those living along the border. 

In the wake of suspected militant attacks, displaced residents of Manipur are appealing for government intervention and security measures to return to their homes. Following the violent incidents, many fled their homes and sought refuge in temporary shelters.

A woman who escaped while her house was being set ablaze by suspected militants recounted, "We are staying here in this school. Everyone is helpful, but we want to return to our homes. Be it good or bad, we want to return."

The violence erupted on the night of June 7 in Manipur's Jiribam district, where suspected militants burned down houses, police outposts, and forest beats. Key establishments, including the Jirimuk Police Outpost, Jiri Mukh Forest Beat, and Chotobekra Police Check Post, were targeted, along with homes in Lamtaikhunou, Loukoipung, Narayanpur, and Bungtangkhal.

As the situation escalated, additional state forces were promptly airlifted from Imphal to Jiribam on Saturday morning. Residents, who once considered the district peaceful, condemned the violence and stressed the urgent need for enhanced security in vulnerable areas to prevent further attacks.

The displaced individuals' call for a return to normalcy highlights the dire need for immediate government action and the deployment of security forces to restore safety and stability in the affected regions.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Jun 08, 2024