Cash, liquor, gold worth over ₹75 cr seized in poll-bound Assam

Cash, liquor, gold worth over ₹75 cr seized in poll-bound Assam

Cash, liquor, gold worth over ₹75 cr seized in poll-bound Assam

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Dispur: Ahead of the Assembly elections in Assam, the enforcement and regulatory authorities have seized cash, liquor, narcotics and jewellery worth Rs. 75 crores.

At the same time, 224 persons have been arrested for "violation of excise rules" in the lead up to the polls, while 16 vehicles have been seized.

From February 26 to March 18, cash amounting to Rs. 16.14 crore have been seized and liquor worth Rs. 19.21 crore has also been confiscated.

Gold and silver ornaments valued at Rs. 2.82 crore have also been seized by the authorities, stated an official release.

Drugs valued at Rs. 30.30 crores and freebies (cigarettes, black pepper etc.) amounting to Its 6.63 crores have also been seized.


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Notably, crystalline meth with a market value Rs. 15.14 crore was seized by NCB Guwahati Zonal Unit from Nazirakhat.

In another significant raid, 3,682 kilos of cannabis and one kilo of gold valued at 5.99 crores which were being smuggled from the neighboring states of Manipur and Tripura were seized by DRI on March 7 and 8, 2021. •

37, 569 liters of liquor worth Rs. 4.52 crores were seized by DIU at Dibrugarh district on March 15, 2021.

To monitor and track illegal consignments of liquors and other such goods, 15 check-gates have been put at the Inter-District Borders manned by excise officials. Throughout the state rigorous enforcement activities are being undertaken.

According to an official release, "surveillance teams, enforcement and regulatory agencies are maintaining a close vigil 24/7 to crack down on all illegal transactions of cash, liquor, drugs. jewelry and other illegal goods in the run-up to the poll day."




Edited By: Rana Pratap Saikia
Published On: Mar 19, 2021