Celebrated chef Atul Lahkar records how a couple braves Remal

Celebrated chef Atul Lahkar records how a couple braves Remal

Guwahati faced severe weather due to Cyclone Remal, causing power and communication outages Chef Atul Lahkar's video of a couple braving the storm has gone viral, highlighting their determination and unity

Story highlights
  • • Cyclone Remal causes severe disruptions in Guwahati
  • • Chef Atul Lahkar captures couple's struggle and resilience
  • • Video gains attention for its powerful portrayal of unity

On the morning of May 28, the citizens of Guwahati woke up to the hue and cry of the weather conditions as heavy rainfall lashed parts of the city due to Cyclone Remal. People were left with no electricity, no mobile network, and even worse, no internet. 

In the midst of severe rain lashing parts of the city, the celebrated chef of Assam, Atul Lahkar, diverted from his routine of going to the market to buy fish. On this day, he decided to go to Panikhaiti, which falls on the city's outskirts.

While on his way to Panikhaiti, he witnessed a scene that immediately captivated the chef. Atul Lahkar, who is fond of capturing such “unique” or “special” moments, took out his camera and started recording.

In the most empathetic video which was shared by him on social media platforms, a couple was seen struggling to make their way through the wild storm while carrying corn tree branches. The couple had to struggle even to keep up with the balance amidst the ravaging storm.

While talking to India Today NE, Atul Lahkar said that while others had the choice or the privilege to carry forward their work by staying inside, this particular couple had to struggle their way through the ravaging storm to make a living. They were bound to come out of the comfort of their homes and collect these corn tree branches.

However, he further went on to highlight the positivity in the video, wherein the couple was seen standing strong for one another and defeating the force of nature. He said it was one of the most beautiful moments that he witnessed, where both were grappling to even keep their balance, and their unity stands out to be symbolic in today’s time.

He wrote,

In the wake of Cyclone “Remal,” Guwahati grappled with rain and gusts. Amidst the cloudy morning, I spotted a couple struggling to carry corn tree bunches. Despite the storm’s fury, they leaned on each other, their determination unwavering. Their silent resilience spoke volumes, a reminder that even amidst chaos, unity prevails. #remal #weather #strom #cyclone # togetherness #family #dailylife #rain

Edited By: Riddhi Rishika
Published On: May 28, 2024