Chhattisgarh chief minister demands Assam BJP to break silence over 'CAA'

Chhattisgarh chief minister demands Assam BJP to break silence over 'CAA'

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Guwahati: Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, hot on the campaign trail in Assam, said that the BJP leaders should tell the people of Assam what they think about implementing CAA in Assam.

"Our leader, Rahul Gandhi has time and again announced that we will not allow CAA law to be implemented in Assam, under any circumstances. Among the 5 Guarantees provided by the Congress, we have promised that rigorous attempts will be made by the Congress party to repeal this law that threatens to divide people," Baghel said.

Stating that no one from the saffron party is willing to answer the "real questions of the people of Assam," he added that the biggest issues in Assam include unemployment, inflation, devastation from floods, the livelihood of tea plantation workers, and the syndicate of smugglers dominating the government.

"In Assam, the BJP is completely on the back foot, scared," Baghel said.

"While the BJP has been vocal on CAA for long, the silence of the BJP leaders of Assam proves that they are completely disoriented. The dual nature of the BJP has been completely exposed on the issue of CAA," he said.

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The Congress leader lashed out at Home Minister Amit Shah for claiming that there were no protests in Assam in the last 5 years.

"He wants to simply obliterate the anti- CAA uprising that happened in Assam. He wants to deny the existence of those young boys like Sam Strafford and Dipanjol who lost their lives in police firing by Sonowal police force," he said.

Pointing out the party's different stances regarding the CAA in different poll-bound states, he said,

"In West Bengal, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed that if BJP government is formed, then the CAA will be passed in the first cabinet and it will be implemented immediately in West Bengal. BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu are saying that CAA will not be enforced under any circumstances there."

He added that "Sarbananda Sonowal is silent, Himanta Biswa Sarma is silent. In Assam, the honorable Prime Minister remains silent on this issue and Amit Shah also avoids the issue in each of his addresses."

BJP leaders are asking the people of Assam for five more years to seal the Bangladesh border but they don’t go to the people of Assam to present what have they accomplished in the last five years. To give them five more years would mean handing over the government and administration of Assam to the smugglers. The people of Assam understand that to give the BJP five more years would mean to completely destroy the culture of Assam, the identity of Assam.

Baghel said that the pulse on the ground "assures us that people of Assam are with us and we will secure a resounding victory for the Grand Alliance."

"This time the people of Assam will not only vote, but through this vote, they will seal victory on their struggle against unemployment, price rise, CAA and an economic standstill," he said.