New details emerge in 'child jacket stripping' controversy

New details emerge in 'child jacket stripping' controversy

Assam Assam

Guwahati, January 30, 2019:

In case you have not been hiding under a rock, you must be aware that Assam’s BJP administration has banned all black clothing items from political events. This would suggest that the authorities have been shaking in their boots ever since protestors started confronting high-ranking Ministers by waving black flags at them to protest the amendment of the Citizenship Bill.

To counter the protests, the Government has been adopting stringent measures to halt the momentum of the black flag protests and tensions reached fever pitch at Bihali in Biwanath Chariali where a 1-year-old child was of stripped of his jacket despite the cold.

“Policemen told me to remove the cloth and did not even allow me to take it inside the venue due to fear of black flag protests. Authorities warned that black flags would not be allowed inside”, the mother had said. She also alleged that the small child had been insulted. "My child did not go there with a bomb", she said.

But the mother has since said retracted her statement. “The child was warm, so I myself opened his jacket. People have made this all up”, she stated.

Speaking to InsideNE, SP Rakesh Roushan said that the lady was removing the cloth herself. “There was no instruction from the police to remove blacks. Out of the 8,000 people at the venue, 5,000 were wearing black clothes.”

He also stated that the police have denied requesting people to remove the black clothes. “It could be a misunderstanding. No policeman told her that”, he added.

The controversy over the incident continues as more details start emerging. Stay tuned to InsideNE for more details.