“Citizenship Bill BJP’s biggest weapon before LS elections”: Akhil Gogoi

“Citizenship Bill BJP’s biggest weapon before LS elections”: Akhil Gogoi

Akhil Gogoi Akhil Gogoi

Guwahati 13, 2019:

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) Chief Akhil Gogoi held a press conference today and expressed fear that the BJP party will pass the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 by any means necessary.

The leader said that chances are rife that the Bill will be passed in the Rajya Sabha in upcoming days and also expressed disappointment at the opposition parties for their lack of dedication to stop the Bill.

Gogoi stated that as per sources, the BJP is making provisions to pass the Bill and even if they fail to pass it at the Rajya Sabha, they will pass it at a joint Parliament.

“Make no mistake about it, their biggest election strategy has become the accumulation of all Hindus of the world in India, thus the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is their topmost priority in view of the upcoming (Lok Sabha) elections”, stated the KMSS leader. He also added that AGP leader Atul Bora, a former BJP ally, has stated that the BJP has resolved to pass the Bill at any cost.

He has also urged the people, on behalf of seventy organizations, to come forward in protest as Assamese people are in a very difficult situation owing to the threat faced due to the Bill. He also encouraged people to protest the Bill by burning the Bill on 'uruka' during Magh Bihu. He also asked people to protest by hanging an Assamese ‘gamucha’, which he considers a sign of the Assamese sovereignty, in front of the ‘bhela ghar’.

Gogoi also confirmed his intention to go on a “hunger strike" during Bihu.

He also slammed the Indian National Congress leaders for tiptoeing around the issue and urged then to take a firmer stand against the Bill.