Class X Question Papers Leaked in Assam

Class X Question Papers Leaked in Assam

Assam Assam

Guwahati, December 14, 2018:

In yet another incident, the preparatory question paper of ‘Social Science’ for the preparatory examination of Class X in Haflong, Assam were leaked out.

According to the sources, the students were loitering in school campuses after the exam was called off.

The papers are suspected to have been leaked from Thana Lamra School in Haflong and in light of the situation, the exam has been postponed till Monday.

Commenting on the situation, a teacher said, “All students do not get question papers, especially the good ones. They came prepared, but were unable to give the exam. Some of the students were deeply saddened by this. The parents are also asking why all students have to face such hardships because of a single miscreant. These things should not happen. Nobody should play with these children’s lives. Other papers might also have been leaked, but we cannot take any action without proof.”