Commercial LPG cylinder prices slashed: A glimpse of hope amidst economic challenges

Commercial LPG cylinder prices slashed: A glimpse of hope amidst economic challenges

In a positive turn of events, the commercial LPG industry has received some much-needed relief. The recent directive to reduce the prices of 19 KG commercial LPG gas cylinders by Rs 99.75 has brought a ray of hope amidst the prevailing economic challenges.

Commercial LPG cylinder prices slashed Commercial LPG cylinder prices slashed

In the latest development, the commercial LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) industry has witnessed a significant reduction in prices, bringing respite to consumers and businesses establishment alike. The decrease in LPG cylinder prices comes as a welcome relief amidst the backdrop of recent global economic challenges. According to the latest directive, the price of 19 KG commercial LPG gas cylinders has been reduced by ₹99.75. 

Speaking to IndiaTodayNE, Pankaj Poddar, Chief CEO of PS Gas Agency said, “As a distributor, we simply follow the government rules and regulations and carry orders as per norms. They might have decreased the prices due to the decrease in crude oil prices. It benefits both the sellers and the commercial establishments purchasing the cylinders. It's a win-win situation for everyone".

Amidst the gloomy clouds of inflation that have engulfed the market, there shines a ray of hope for businesses and households alike - the reduction in commercial LPG gas prices. As the cost of living soars, the recent slash in LPG prices comes as a glimmer of relief for consumers. However, concerns persist, as inflation continues to impact essential commodities like vegetables and oil. 

Kamran Akmal, an employee of Guwahati restaurant expressing his concern said, “It's true that they reduced just 100 rupees in the LPG cylinder, but everything else is getting more expensive. Look at the cost of vegetables; they're skyrocketing! And don't get me started on oil and other items – they're all becoming costly. It's putting a strain on our finances, and we're not seeing any real benefit.” He further added,” If only things were cheaper and inflation came down, people would actually benefit."

In July, the rates of commercial LPG gas cylinders saw a rise of ₹7 per cylinder, while the prices of domestic LPG cylinders remained unchanged.

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Aug 04, 2023