Congress blames AJP, Raijor Dal for NDA's victory in Assam polls

Congress blames AJP, Raijor Dal for NDA's victory in Assam polls

Congress blames AJP Raijor Dal Congress blames AJP Raijor Dal

GUWAHATI: Jitendra Singh Alwar, Assam in-charge and general secretary of All India Congress Committee, has owned the responsibility for the Congress-led Mahajot’s defeat in the recent state assembly polls and also took Assam Jatiya Parishad and Raijor Dal at gun point accusing them of being a factor for Bharatiya Janata Party’s win.

“Though these two parties were born to protest BJP’s laws, it was because of them the BJP benefited in the Upper Assam,” said Singh.

Singh added further, “These two parties must do a retrospection on how they had been opposing BJP and ended up helping the same foe.”

In some constituencies of Upper Assam where Congress lost, such as Lakhimpur, Sonari, Amguri and Jorhat, almost the same vote margins were cut by AJP and RD.

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Congress incumbent MLA Debabrata Saikia from Nazira was also trailing and managed to win marginally as AJP cut down as many as 2,859 votes.

CAA was the main factor of this Assam assembly poll and all the parties were capitalising on it.

When BJP took a pro-CAA stance, Congress and other opposition parties had chosen anti-CAA stance, hence more number of parties resulted in more number of vote divisions among the opposition itself, which somewhere helped the BJP to sweep in many seats even by a narrow margin.

Jitendra Singh also mentioned in his speech that Congress will also assist the government positively in mitigating the CORONA pandemic challenge faced by the people of the state and the people living outside.

Even though AJP and RD might have been factors, but also Congress’s own leadership skills cost them a great fortune too. APCC president Ripun Bora tendered his resignation letter from the post on Sunday over the party’s “humiliating defeat” in the assembly polls

Congress ally Bodoland People's Front was supposed to boost the Mahajot’s strength in forming government, but it failed to even protect their own incumbent ministers’ seats in their fotresses.

“We respectfully accept the mandate given by the people of Assam and congratulate all the successful candidates and the parties,” said Alwar.

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Edited By: Devabrata Dutta
Published On: May 04, 2021