Congress demands resumption of 12 trains that were "secretly" cancelled in Assam

Congress demands resumption of 12 trains that were "secretly" cancelled in Assam

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GUWAHATI: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) spokesperson Dilip Kumar Sharma today said that the Congress has demanded the resumption of all the 12 trains that were "secretly" cancelled in Assam.

Addressing the press, Dilip Kumar Sharma said that the trains were cancelled for a few months citing that there was a COVID-19 outbreak. Now, even after the situation has considerably improved, 12 trains were secretly cancelled from Assam in the guise of lockdown.

These trains are: 1207 Dibrugarh Shatabdi, 15942 Jhajha Express, 12525 Kolkata Superfast, 15617 Mariani Intercity, 1571 Kamakhya Intercity, 15911 Naharlagun Intercity, 15605 Furkating Intercity, 55903 Mariani Passenger, 65911 Dangori passenger, 5565 Silchar Passenger, 55605 Murkongselek Passenger, and 55618 New Bangaigaon Passenger.

"It is evident that travelling by bus and other modes of road transportation have always been expensive and commuters have always been complaining about it. The government should take this into consideration but without any word, the railways just cancelled some of the most important trains for the commuters," said the Congress spokesperson.

"Just when we were thinking that the trains were being cancelled, we noticed that the railways disguising development of some trains in the state, reduced the number of station stoppages while increasing the fares upto 300 per cent," he added.

He said that issues can never be accepted and the APCC demands immediate resumption of the train services.

"We are not against the upgrading of the trains but it is not a valid point to simply reduce stations. The railways should just introduce new express trains to give some relief to the regular passengers. Even farmers who use railways for the transportation of their products are in dismay due to the ongoing situation and price hikes," Sharma said.

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Published On: Feb 13, 2022