Congress leader Debabrata Saikia  wrote letter to PM Modi over  seeking  special central assistance for flood-ravaged Assam

Congress leader Debabrata Saikia  wrote letter to PM Modi over  seeking  special central assistance for flood-ravaged Assam

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Leader of Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly Debabrata Saikia has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today seeking  special central assistance for flood-ravaged Assam.

The opposition leader, Debabrata Saikia, criticized PM Modi for allegedly not paying attention to Assam's long-standing issue, he claims that despite PM Modi's promises to help Assam in distress throughout the year, the centre has not even sent enough relief packages till date.

He has alleged that no such actions have been made in the last six years to ensure that Assam will be flood-free as promised by the ruling party.

He further mentions that in 2012, before the BJP took control in the federal government, BJP General Secretary Vijay Goel, Kiran Maheshwari, Meerut MP Rajendra Agarwal, and others visited Assam to assess the flood situation.

However, for the last nine years, there is no progress regarding the same. The current BJP government has maintained a safe distance from this severe problem of Assam and has not

taken any course of action regarding the same.

Several rounds of discussions were held to change the definition and to include the Flood problem of Assam in the list of national calamities. Even at the NDRF planning committee meeting and the planning commission meeting, no such concrete result came up from either of them. As in 2012 itself, the Bharatiya Janata Party suggested the declaration of Assam's flood as a national disaster.

He also requested Prime Minister Modi to declare Assam's flood and erosion a national calamity and allocate at least INR 20,000 crores in special central relief to relief  the damage caused by flood and erosion in Assam over the previous 3-4 years.

He calls on the government to take the required efforts to keep these promises and reduce the suffering of Assamese people and  also request to release the Special Flood Relief Package For Assam in order to fight against the natural calamity.

The congress leader also mention that  Assam demanded Rs.1018 Crore in the financial year of 2021-22 but received only Rs. 51 Crore. Similarly, in the financial year 2020-21, the Government of Assam asked for Rs.2642 Crore, wherein they got only Rs.45 Crore. These amounts are significantly lesser in comparison to the funds allocated to the other states of India.

Hence the leader urged the PM Modi  to  allow a sufficient amount of funds in order to strengthen the  fight against flood and erosion of Assam.