Congress stages demo in front of fuel stations denouncing fuel price rise

Congress stages demo in front of fuel stations denouncing fuel price rise

Congress Congress

GUWAHATI: The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today staged a statewide protest against rising prices of petrol and diesel and consequent escalation of prices of essentials.

Undertaken by various block units under the district Congress committees, sit-in demonstrations were staged in front of fuel stations across the state.

“When the United Peoples' Alliance (UPA) was in power the Manmohan Singh’s Congress-led government ensured that it did not affect the common man and kept petrol diesel prices low and affordable despite the fact that the price of international crude was high,” a statement by Congress spokespersons Bobeeta Sharma said.

“But during the BJP government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, albeit the fact that international crude oil price being low, the benefit has not reached the common man,” she alleged.

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Sharma alleged that the rising petrol and diesel prices have led to increase in prices of essential commodities and was devastating the nation already crippled by joblessness due to the sudden demonetisation followed by COVID-19 driven sudden lockdown.

“The BJP government has proved itself to be anti-poor and anti-people with no effort to control increasing petrol and diesel price and that of essential commodities. When the PM will arrive in Assam tomorrow he has to answer all these questions that affect each and every common man,” she added.