Corona pandemic will only end in 2023, predicts top astrologer from Assam

Corona pandemic will only end in 2023, predicts top astrologer from Assam

corona pandemic corona pandemic

GUWAHATI: Khargheshwar Goswami, a top astrologer from Assam, has said that the coming year will be full of strife and disease due to the influence of Saturn. At the same time, corona pandemic is unlikely to be over before 2023, he said.

"As per the position of the planets, Saturn will be the King and the Minister will be Mars. If this comes to pass, there will be diseases, agitations, and chaos. All sorts of illegal activities become the norm and people lose their patience. Because of the influence of Saturn, there will be accidents, diseases such as corona," Goswami told Inside Northeast.

Goswami further predicted that "there will be violence" all over the world and China will continue to spar with Indian due to its hegemonistic ambitions. "There will be andolans all over India, I am 100% sure of it. China is likely to engage other countries in war over land disputes. Wars on the seas are also likely as China attempts to extend its influence," he added.

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Asked out the coronavirus pandemic, he said that despite strong measures against the pandemic, it is likely to end before 2023. "Pandemic-related diseases will remain till 2023 May. Even though a vaccine might surface sooner, the disease will not be eradicated. In the cooler countries, another form of COVID-19 is likely to emerge," he said.

The Assam astrologer also said that the economic condition of the country is unlikely to improve in the near future. "The economy will suffer greatly and will become weaker. A few merchants are likely benefit from this," he said.

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Published On: Dec 31, 2020