COVID-19 in BTR: Chief Promod Boro braces for impact of second wave

COVID-19 in BTR: Chief Promod Boro braces for impact of second wave

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NAGRIJULI: Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief Pramod Boro today reviewed the preparedness to combat the rampaging COVID-19 virus at the Nagrijuli Model Hospital in Baksa district.

"In the first wave of the COVID-19, Sarbananda Sonowal, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma, and healthcare personnel of the state have worked hard to serve and save the people from the pandemic. The state of Assam has successfully fought in preventing the horrors of Covid 19 in the past," Boro told media, recalling the state's previous tryst with the virus.

Pointing to the fact that the state government has already made arrangements to provide two crore vaccines to all persons above 18 years, Boro added that everyone has to be aware of this pandemic.

"We all have to work together to prevent mass transmission by wearing masks, using sanitizers, and by adjusting it by keeping social distancing. No one should neglect this. Neglecting someone, in this case, will put his family at risk and put society at risk," he added.

He urged every citizen of the country and the state to be careful against the contagion.

"We all have a responsibility to save our family and our society. If someone suffers from fever, cold, cough or any such symptoms in their body, they should immediately go to a nearby hospital and get medical advice," he further said.

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During his visit, Boro also commended the doctors and staff. He said: "The team of doctors and medical staff at Nagrijuli Model Hospital has been working with great sacrifices during the period of Corona. I hope that during this crisis, they will continue to offer good medical care to the people of the greater Nagrijuli region. "

Asked about the extent of the Covid-19 crisis in the BTC area, Boro said, "The benefits given by the Government of India or the Government of Assam are being looked into so that the people are able to get it. The hospitals which were kept as Covid care hospitals in the past are still there. Arrangements have been made to hold discussions with the Assam government to solve the problem that is there only. ''

The BTC chief also said that health check-ups of people coming via the Srirampur check-gate shall commence from tomorrow. Pramod Boro also mentioned that awareness meetings will be held in all four districts of BTC to alert the public.

During his visit to Nagrijuli, Boro was accompanied by his wife Parul Bharali Boro, Hemanta Kumar Rabha, and a few UPPL party workers, who were all inoculated against the virus.

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Edited By: Rana Pratap Saikia
Published On: Apr 23, 2021