COVID-19 could take dangerous turn from October 1-November 10, predicts Assam astrologer

COVID-19 could take dangerous turn from October 1-November 10, predicts Assam astrologer

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GUWAHATI: A prominent astrologer from Assam has predicted a possible upswing in COVID-19 cases in October-November of 2021 "as the influence of Saturn is too strong at the present moment."

Khargeshwar Goswami, a noted astrologer from Guwahati, told InsideNE, "The government has spoken about the possibility of a third phase. Although we are not going to label it as a third phase, COVID-19 cases could rise and actually take a dangerous form from October 1 to November 10.

A new variant could also be discovered. During such time, illnesses anyway increase since the weather changes during that time. Combine that with the prediction, and COVID-19 cases could rise at that point in time.

Secondly, he said, a lunar eclipse is slated for November 19 next. "As per astrology, any eclipse bears bad news. Astrology says that the eclipse could cause more viruses or other irregularities."

As Saturn is the King at the present moment, "corruption and illegal acts" will be on the rise, said Goswami.

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"However, Saturn is just also. While illegal acts will run rampant, the crackdown on criminals will also be swift. You can see that in the government's actions," he said.

He also sounded a dire warning for the people of the state ahead of the monsoons and warned that the coming times will not be good for the Brahmaputra. "This year is not good for the Brahmaputra. At least until April of 2022, the situation shall not be very good."

Meanwhile, Maharashtra’s Covid-19 task force has warned that the third wave could hit the state as early as in two four weeks given the crowding it has seen in the last three days.

The total number of cases in the third wave is expected to double in than those registered in the second wave.

The observations were made in a review meeting chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday to check preparedness measures.

"The Delta plus variant could stoke a third wave in Maharashtra. It could spread at double the rate," said an official during the presentation.

Dr. Shashank Joshi, a member of the task force, said, “The UK is facing a third wave within four weeks of ebbing of the second wave. We could be in the same situation if we don’t stay vigilant and practice Covid-appropriate behaviour.”

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Published On: Jun 18, 2021