Cyclone ‘Pethai’ disrupts life in Assam

Cyclone ‘Pethai’ disrupts life in Assam

Cyclone Cyclone

Guwahati, December 18,2018:

The cyclone ‘Pethai’ (pronounced Pay-ti), touched Assam yesterday, triggering a light drizzle and pushing the mercury down to alarming levels. It was scheduled to reach Assam on Monday between 3:00-4:00 pm.

The cyclone, which originated in Thailand, has caused a continuous drizzle since yesterday and sent the temperature plummeting to 18 degrees C. The temperature is expected to drop further to 13 degrees C at night. The drizzle is expected to last for three more days.

Earlier, one person was killed after the cyclone entered Andhra Pradesh, where heavy showers lashed the Katrenikona region and trees were uprooted. Trains were rescheduled, while flight routes were changed. 20,000 people have been evacuated and put in relief camps.

The National Disaster Response Team and the Coast Guard have been put on high alert (status: yellow). Fishing has also been prohibited in Andhra Pradesh as rescue and relief teams have landed in the coastal areas. South India has been affected by two more cyclonic storms, Titli and Gaja, in recent months.