Denial of BJP Ticket a Big Conspiracy: R P Sarmah

Denial of BJP Ticket a Big Conspiracy: R P Sarmah

R P Sarmah R P Sarmah

Guwahati, March 26, 2019:

Veteran BJP leader and sitting Tezpur Lok Sabha MP Ram Prasad Sarmah, who quit the saffron party after being denied a ticket to contest the ensuing elections in Assam, spoke to InsideNE on March 26 to express his thoughts regarding the controversy surrounding his departure from the party.

“People from all over the state belonging to all communities come to me for help. People are slowly coming to realize that the refusal to give me a ticket is a huge controversy”, said the disgruntled MP.[0]=68.ARCma3yJ4qo-0pkY-VrIesA-xuUeQz2n6Q3x5_B7X6gSR_Vd2q3ykfgko1LBeKRNSSU_oAy39jTtlnSffhRuxeUkt122sFD62baNwfTp_YL9VpeH1ZQ1K2WmYHPlG58x64iXOpbsiJx-sY7so_u_U0fz7HrJvNzjNB3JqQ_kaJlbaXyDAkb3HL7hUMjP3gCFoqyzNBPs2Sp9k-XK8MQDw0Cn-v-k6Uwre_z9aUhwmIdCCn6MYMI_Is5Wj11zS3BoivNW6aayoddUfJUQyI-tDAegawavJ8_w8rHZFRXQJ0CQN48Rt5lh-n2bqEZBBKqCmcykLtaR04sdkDb1241NUxCtVIkQpqQWLSYtys3h

On being asked who the people should vote for, he said: “I urge people to vote for meritorious candidates who can work for the benefit of the people. They should vote for someone who can speak up in the Parliament and take the issues of Assam to Delhi.”

“I am a man of the people. I am a down-to-earth man, a son of the soil. I never let the fact that I am an MP get to my head. People have free access to my residence, whether it be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Assamese, Bengali...”, he said.

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Published On: Mar 26, 2019