CAB protests| Assam’s DGP denies surveillance on Media

CAB protests| Assam’s DGP denies surveillance on Media

Kuladhar Saikia Kuladhar Saikia

Guwahati, February 2, 2019:

Assam Director General of Police, Kuladhar Saikia on Saturday said that the media is an important part of democracy and questioned how it can be under surveillance.

When asked about Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statement on underground militants involved in protests carried out against the Citizenship Bill and also regarding the telephonic surveillance of the journalist, Kuladhar Saikia, addressing the media said, “I am not in a position to talk about whether media is under surveillance or not because I don’t believe in media being under surveillance. How can it be? It’s an important part of democracy. So how can be it under surveillance?”

Regarding the involvement of any background supporters, Saikia said, “We will do a detailed analysis of the cases and it will come out after the investigation only.”

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Published On: Feb 02, 2019