'Does Ajmal deserve to be feted with a 'gamocha' when he does not know its value?'

'Does Ajmal deserve to be feted with a 'gamocha' when he does not know its value?'

Himanta Biswa Sarma Himanta Biswa Sarma

TIHU: North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) convenor Himanta Biswa Sarma today said the one who felicitated All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal with a gamocha was actually responsible for the disrespect Ajmal showed to the state’s traditional symbol yesterday.

Addressing an election meeting of BJP’s state president and Patacharkuchi candidate Ranjeet Kr Dass here, Sarma said: “Times have changed in Assam. We could see Ajmal throwing away the gamocha only yesterday. I don’t take offence in Ajmal throwing the gamocha. The culprit is the one who feted him with the gamocha. Does Ajmal deserve to be feted with a gamocha?”

“The media has been pillorying Ajmal for showing disrespect to the gamocha. But, I say, why blame Ajmal. I hold the person who tried to fete him with a gamocha responsible for the entire issue. He should not have tried to do it with someone who does not know the value of the gamocha.”

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In a viral video, Ajmal is seen snatching a gamocha from a green kurta-clad supporter and throwing it back at his face during an election meeting of Chenga AIUDF candidate Ashraful Hussain at Khulabandha yesterday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said the voters of Assam will respond to the insult to the gamocha against the Congress-led grand alliance in the EVMs. Modi was in Kokrajhar today to campaign for the BJP-UPPL.

Edited By: Imtiaz Ahmed
Published On: Apr 01, 2021