Don’t believe what is reported about Paresh Baruah: Anup Chetia

Don’t believe what is reported about Paresh Baruah: Anup Chetia

Anup Chetia Anup Chetia

Guwahati, November 7, 2018:

Anup Chetia, leader of the pro-talks faction of insurgent group United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) on Wednesday said he found it difficult to believe the report that Paresh Baruah, the “commander-in-chief” of ULFA’s anti-talks faction, died in a road mishap along Myanmar-China border about a week back.

News portal “” reported Baruah fractured several ribs and a leg in the accident. “The exact spot of the accident is not known but is said to be around Ruili on the Sino–Burmese border,” the report said.

While Chetia confirmed that Baruah had met with an accident, he said the ULFA C-in-C had fully recovered from it.

“The accident didn’t happen about a week back as reported. It happened two-and-a-half months to three months ago. One week after the incident, he (Baruah) had called me up and narrated the incident.

A few days later, he called me up again saying he fully recovered and could walk around. The last call I received from him was three to four days ago but I could attend it. So, when I received a call only three to four days ago, how I can believe what the news portal reported. I am finding it very difficult to believe,” Chetia said.

He said Baruah had fractured two ribs on the right side and one of the toes in the mishap which occurred when he was riding a two-wheeler.

“He was not seriously injured. He had told me that he didn’t sustain injury on the head as he was wearing a helmet,” Chetia said adding “There could be a motive behind the report”.

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Published On: Nov 07, 2018