‘Doul Mahotsav’ celebrated in Barpeta with zeal and zest

‘Doul Mahotsav’ celebrated in Barpeta with zeal and zest

Daul Mahotsav Daul Mahotsav

Guwahati, March 21, 2019:

“Rangare Jui Jolil Aji

Palakhor Daalote

Fagoonore Baa Lagi Nikunja Banote..”

The festival of color, Fakuwa (Holi) has filled the whole country with vibrant colors.

The historic Shri Krishna Doul Mahotsav of Barpeta, a three-day long festival, which was established by Mahapurush Madhabdeb, has officially been flagged off. Doulotsav is celebrated in the month of Phagun (welcoming the spring). The festival kick-started on Wednesday with all the sattriya customs and traditions as set by the ‘dharmaguru’ and will end on Friday.

The first day of the Doul Mahotsav is known as ‘Gandhajatra’, the second day is known as the ‘Bhor Doul’ and the third and last day is called ‘phakua’ or ‘suweri’.

Barpeta is famous for its satras and the Doul Mahotsav is witnessing a massive influx of tourists from across the country and abroad who have gathered to celebrate the festival. The revelers can be seen performing ‘Holigeet’ which are believed to the compositions of Lord Krishna.

It is believed that people leave behind all their sorrows and refill their lives with happiness during this festival of colors.